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Our Programs

The Lenzy Family Institute in Canton, OH offers a wide range of comprehensive rehabilitation and therapy services for all ages.

The Gabriel Project

The Gabriel Project is designed to serve individuals 55 years and older by helping them identify non-dependent substance use or prescription medication issues through education and informational meetings. It is also designed to provide opportunities for increasing social interactions through activities with peers, assessment and referral to other services.

Disordered Gambling Program

Often, gamblers have other problems that are part of the reason they gamble. These may include depression, anxiety and substance abuse disorders. It is important to get a clear picture of the individual. This is why a complete evaluation is recommended. Treatment goals may include: Reestablishing trust and communication in relationships and learning about the triggers that are associated with gambling.

Health Home Program

Our Health Home program provides comprehensive integrated physical and behavioral health care to greater Stark County residents. We utilize an integrated, multi-disciplinary team to deliver the Health Home services. Staff are licensed, certified or registered and comply with current, applicable scope of practice and supervisory requirements identified by appropriate licensing, certifying or registering bodies. Each team member works collaboratively on care plans to assure coordination of comprehensive medical, behavioral, long-term care and social services that are timely, quality-driven, and integrated.

Driver Intervention Program

Project Safety Net is a 72-hour Residential Driver Intervention Program (DIP) certified by the State of Ohio The purpose of Project Safety Net is to provide substance abuse intervention service mandated by the legal system for DUI offenders. Our DIP Program offers an alternative to incarceration for those arrested for operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol or a drug of abuse. The program is offered before or after incarceration for DUI/OVI.

Veterans Services

Our lead veteran’s services counselors are trained combat veterans of the USMC and US Army, with over 25-years of military experience. The veteran’s counseling program helps veteran’s to reintegrate into civilian life, by focusing on the early identification and management of post-traumatic stress disorder, (PTSD) and other stress-related disorders. Our program offers a wide-range of specialized treatment services, as well as linkage to other services. Services provided in the program include individual, couples, family, and veteran group counseling. We also offer group services to women veterans and spouses of veterans.

Transition to Independence Process

TIP is an evidence supported “Promising Practice” that addresses the unique needs of youth and young adults ages 14 to 29 years old. The goal of TIP is to engage young people in their own future planning process by providing them with developmentally appropriate, non-stigmatizing, culturally competent, and appealing services and supports. Young adults, their families, and other key players are engaged in a process that prepares and facilitates young people in their movement toward greater self–sufficiency and successful achievement of their goals. The Five Transition Domains: The three setting domains of Employment/Career, Educational, and Living Situation – and the Personal Effectiveness/Well Being and the Community-Life Functioning domains shown in this figure are useful in capturing young people’s attention and their focus on their futures. The last two domains encompass several sub-domains that are relevant to success in each of the other domains.

Heads Up Program

The Heads Up program is designed for school age students who are having problems with abuse and substances such as alcohol, marijuana, (ice), crack cocaine, opiates, and over-the-counter-drugs. Youth who are between the ages of twelve (12) and eighteen (18) may participate in the Heads Up program.

Youth enrollment is voluntary and available to youth who are willing to acknowledge and address the problems they are experiencing due to their alcohol and drug use. Teachers, counselors, and administrators may refer any students they feel are experiencing severe behavioral problems that may hamper classroom performance and who could benefit from participating in the program in lieu of suspension and expulsion. Program is offered in the school or the community.

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